A History Of Hungary

Animals and Hungarians fighting seems to be a thing. Near Buda castle is a statue of a bird, an eagle, that has, seemingly, stolen a sword. The bird seems rather satisfied with it’s success. Perhaps owning the sword shows that you are the king. Like the King Arthur legend.

All Hail King Bird

Not to be outdone, the Hungarians struck back and decided that the use of a feather would be how they nominated kings from now on. Where could they find an appropriate feather? Perhaps a giant eagle if they could find one. There is an old saying about the pen being mightier than the sword. The adage is considered more true if the pen is made from the feather of a giant eagle.

We’ll use the Feather

Now that the Hungarians were back on top they went too far, as humans often do, and launched an assault on the Animals. This assault is immortalised in a statue of a man punching on with a hydra.

Hydra were made extinct during the war

And now the Hydra, made extinct during the conflict is nothing more than a child’s toy. A humiliating outcome for a once great species.

A child’s toy: ultimate humiliation?

And then there was a statue of a man punching a horse. An uppercut it seems. Perhaps this sculpture is from the pre-historical Hungary. Like an origin story.


There was a final statue of a Wolf being tackled by a third man. I wasn’t allowed to photograph this statue as I’d not bought the correct combination of tickets at the museum.

And that, is an excerpt from the unofficial history of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

when: Saturday, June 14, 2014