Kopi Oh!

In the town of Ipoh there is a coffee shop that was the first place to prepare and sell Ipoh White Coffee. Across the road is the second coffee shop to do it and the one that started the successful franchise. I wonder, when they’re lifting up the shutters each morning, do they stop and stare at each other. Nemeses!

Ipoh White Coffee is where the bean has been roasted in palm-oil margarine first. It’s got a slightly different flavour to the normal Kopi that gets served in Malaysia. Normal Kopi is roasted with sugar, margarine and wheat. Not that you’ll be able to taste anything beyond the sweetened condensed milk.

Image of Kopi

If you want your coffee cold it costs extra. Ice is an expensive commodity in the tropics.

Like a cocktail it’s layered and presented well. But it’s very sweet. You can ask for it without sweetened condensed milk. This is Kopi-O. The O means without and it just means no white stuff, as you’ll still get a tablespoon of sugar in your coffee. Yes, a tablespoon. So, it still tastes like an incredibly sweet drink. If you ask for no sugar then you’ll get an argument about how it won’t taste very sweet. This isn’t a cake. It’s ok to skip the sugar. Eventually I get my Kopi without anything sweet it.

Oh! That’s terrible.

when: Wednesday, February 12, 2014