Is It?

"A man was dressed up in a gorilla suit, at a zoo, pretending to escape, so the zoo could test their emergency routines. A vet was called who rocked up, didn't know it was a man, and fired enough sedative into the guy to take down a 200kg Gorilla."

"Is it?"

Ah yes. That initially confusing and occasionally infuriating habit of South African people using a question to respond when they really want to exclaim. Before I caught on, I couldn't quite tell if the people I was talking to believed me at all.

"Then we had to dig our way out using our eyelashes."

"Is it?"

"Yes. Yes. IT is."

On a side note, Jess and I had to consciously work on not saying "Is it?" after we had mocked it for so long. It's the kind of expression that once it's stuck in your brain it's hard to get out.

Is it?

when: Friday, January 23, 2015