The Big 5

Come and see the Big Five!

The slogans are plastered everywhere and each national park will tell you how many of the big five you can see there.

If you don't know the big five are: the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino.

If you don't know the big five are the animals most difficult too hunt and kill while on foot.

All the marketing and excitement around these animals is purely because they became famous for being hard to kill. Gruesome.

So when you go to Africa and see some animals, write a list of animals you want to see because you want to see them. Not because some fat rich prick paid someone to tie a carcass to a tree while they sit with a book and wait.

Here are some ideas: - Red-Billed Quelia: They can exist in flocks of over a million birds - Springbok: Can jump four metres in the air. - Aardwolf: Related to the hyena but eats insects. - Waterbuck: has a ring around it’s butt like it has sat on a toilet seat covered in paint. Why there is such a toilet seat we may never know. - Savannah Hare: eats it’s own droppings but only once. This is known as coprophagy. - Rothschild's giraffe: it’s the only giraffe to have 5 ossicones on it’s head. The other subspecies have only 4.

when: Monday, November 03, 2014