On Bananas

Matooke is a type of banana and also the name of one or more Ugandan dishes that uses said banana. Mashed matooke with a anonymous, vaguely grey sauce. I was eating matooke in a restaurant when a Ugandan woman walked past.

“You eating matooke?” She asked.


“That's so weird.”

Then she walked off.

Uganda consumes more bananas than any other country. You could say that they go bananas for them. But they don’t. It’s quite orderly and mundane their consumption of bananas.

Researchers in Uganda have used matooke to create a flour: matooke flour. The hope is to export it as an alternative to wheat flour. There is no gluten in it and because it’s currently obscure it’s very hipster-friendly. I’d say that the hipsters would go bananas for such a flour.

This wasn’t the shocking truth that I learnt about bananas.

The banana tree is a herb. It’s the worlds largest herb.

Now, go win that game of trivial pursuit.

when: Sunday, October 26, 2014