You Are Most Welcome

Hi my name is.

You are most welcome.

This is the Ugandan greeting. The guy who brought my bag to the hostel because the airline couldn’t be bothered transporting it on the same flight as me: his name was George. The woman who told me that she dreamt “of me and goats and cows”: her name is Bets. The man who was gate keeper at our first hostel: his name is Bosco.

Everyone we met wanted to introduce themselves and to tell us that we were most welcome. No where has been this obliging.

In our two weeks in Uganda we met the following people: Abdul, Amon, Amos, Bets, Bosco, David, Edith, Eric, Evalist, Evas, Frank, Geoffrey, George (x2), Grace, Harriet, Ismael, Ivan, Johnson, Kenneth, Michael, Mike, Paul, Richard (x2), Robert, Sais and Walter.

Thanks Uganda, you were most welcoming.

when: Saturday, October 18, 2014